Mary Ellen O'Shaughnessey - Council President

Life in Yachats

I've been vacationing in Yachats for over 18 years and moved here permanently in 2017. I am a weekly volunteer at Cape Perpetua, serve on the jury for the Farmer's Market, and volunteer on the committees for the Agate Festival and New Year’s Day Peace Hike. Prior to being appointed to Council, I served on the Planning Commission for two years.


35 years in various administrative positions at the University of Illinois, including:

  • Executive Associate Dean
  • Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Special Assistant to the Provost/Harassment Case Investigator
  • Health Educator/Lecturer at Medical School and University Student Center 
  • Champagne County Nursing Home Board
  • Urbana Domestic Violence Shelter Board

Approach to Being a Councilor

I believe in giving back to my community.  I’d like to see Yachats develop a culture of gratitude, kindness and generosity that is shared with visitors and residents alike. 

It's important for Council members to learn to listen, to admit we don't know everything, to get the facts on a particular topic, to always keep in mind what is best for the community as a whole, and to make defendable decisions.