Ann Stott

Life in Yachats

After 57 years in Utah I arrived in Yachats, where I have lived for over 3 years. I can't visualize myself being anywhere else.


I'm a teacher.

Just a teacher.

All the time!

During my career I taught students social studies and at the time of my retirement I was teaching a course called U.S. Government and Citizenship to high school seniors. Yep, Civics.

Now, I just bore anyone to death who allows me to get going about the basics of our government. I always tried to help my students understand the importance of their local level of government. It impacts a person on a day to day basis through zoning, ordinances, etc.

Approach to Being a Councilor

In the United States the government is supposed to work for the people. Unfortunately we know this isn't true most of the time. Changing this may seem like  an astronomical undertaking, which it is at the national and state level.

But here in Yachats it is really simple: Show Up!

Make sure your voice is heard by going to council meetings, calling or emailing a council member, or sending a letter to City Hall. Get creative if that is more your style. Just do something!

I promise I will listen to you and do my best to represent the people of Yachats.

My Vision: Government by the people for the people in Yachats.