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Yachats, Gem of the Oregon Coast

Looking to the future and the next 50 years, members of the City Council opened a new chapter in the history of Yachats by hiring our first city administrator. The City’s new web site and awareness of the Trails Committee design work led to a discussion about the need for a new city logo. This topic was discussed by the council for a couple of months. A few modifications were suggested; implemented and adopted by the council at the July meeting. The new logo now appears on the city’s main web site.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our community, we hope you will appreciate the new design as a symbol of renewal and a celebration of all the qualities that make Yachats the Gem of the Oregon Coast.

Current News

Lincoln County League of Women Voters will host a "get-acquainted gathering" in order to allow community members the opportunity to meet the candidates running for office this fall. The meeting will be in Yachats at "The 501" (old bank building), next to The Commons, on Thursday, Oct. 13, beginning at 7pm. League President Jean Cowan will facilitate the forum, which will offer the candidates a chance to share their qualifications, backgrounds and areas of particular personal interest with those attending. The formal presentation will be followed by refreshments and a chance to chat one-on-one with the candidates. Rep. Caddy McKeown (D) and Teri Grier (R) have confirmed their attendance. Guy Rosinbaum (L) has also been invited. Yachats Mayoral candidates W. John Moore and Gerald Stanley have confirmed, as have Max Glenn and Jim Tooke, who are running unopposed for two council seats. Don't miss this opportunity to know more about the folks who will be making both state and local decisions on your behalf. General Election is Nov. 8 - register now to vote. Voters Pamphlets will be mailed in mid-October.
The City pays for a large debris dumpster so that any resident clearing brush, trees, weeds or grass will have a convenient, FREE place to haul to. Three times this month, someone has dumped a load of debris outside the closed gate. Please don't do that. You don't pay extra for this service. It is provided as a courtesy. The bin is located at the west end of W. 6th Street, by the treatment plant, and is open for dumping debris Monday-Friday, 8:00am-3:30pm, except for holidays. If the gate is closed during those hours on a week day, that means the bin is full and will not be available until a new one has been brought in. We do order pick-up as soon as the dumpster is full. NO noxious weeds, blackberry bushes or other invasive species that will contaminate the landfill site may be deposited. Those will not be accepted by the disposal service company. Please do not dump your load on the ground – public works will have to stop working on water or sewer, in order to come clean up after you. Your courtesy is appreciated.
HWY 101 PROJECT TO START 09-19-16 9/7/2016
Mobilization and job-set up for the Yachats Hwy 101 project is now set for Monday, Sept. 19, between 2nd and 7th Streets on Hwy 101. A week later, storm drain work will begin on the north end of the city, followed by storm drain work on the south end. It will be about 4-5 weeks before the undergrounding of utilities will begin and the PUD work on utilities will last through January. Work on the C&K Market site is projected for February, with mobilization and job set up for asphalt and concrete work beginning about the first week of March 2017. ALL planned dates are subject to change, due to adverse weather, product availability and scheduling conflicts. Thank you for your patience during the construction period. ADDITIONAL - TENTATIVE - SCHEDULE DATES: 09/19/16 - Mobilize and set up in Yachats 09/26/16 - Begin work on north end storm drain 10/10/16 - Begin work on south end storm drain 10/24/16 - Franchise utility install 12/05/16 - PUD work 02/06/17 - C&K Market - north half 02/13/17 - C&K Market - south half 02/27/17 - Mobilize and set up in Yachats 03/06/17 - East side, 7th to 5th Streets 03/15/17 - East side, 4th to 3rd Streets 03/29/17 - East side, 3rd to 2nd Streets (end) 04/05/17 - East side, asphalt patching 04/05/17 - West side, 7th to 5th Streets 04/12/17 - West side, 5th to 3rd Streets 04/24/17 - West side, 3rd to 2nd Streets (end) 05/08/17 - West side, asphalt patching 05/15/17 - Stripe/Signs/Clean-up Please keep in mind that ALL dates are tentative and may be affected by adverse weather, project delays, etc.
WATER SHORTAGE 08/24/16 Once again, the City of Yachats is facing a raw water supply shortage and EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, must enter Phase I water conservation and curtailment. Please read and follow the City conservation plan below: PHASE 1 The watering of lawns, gardens and landscaping is restricted to alternative days. Specifically, houses with an address number ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6 or 8) shall water lawns ONLY on even-numbered calendar days. Houses with an address number ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9), shall water only on odd-numbered days. All watering of lawns, gardens and landscaping is prohibited between the hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm, on any day. Sale of water to persons not City of Yachats utility customers is strictly prohibited. No water shall be used by the Yachats Rural Fire District for drills, fire hose testing, hydrant flushing or truck washing. The operation of an ornamental fountain, unless equipped with a recirculation system, is prohibited. PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE: 1. Conviction for a first infraction (no prior conviction) pursuant to this Code shall result in a written warning. 2. Conviction of a second infraction (one prior conviction) shall constitute a Class D infraction. 3. Conviction of three or more infractions shall constitute a Class C infraction. In addition, water service to the meter from which the water for the third conviction was obtained may be terminated by the City for up to five consecutive days.

City Council Vision

Our village is a place where natural resources are valued and protected, where diversity is celebrated, and where a vibrant economy and sense of community pride create and recreate a living spirit. Yachats cares not just for its citizens’ basic needs but also supports them in their efforts to excel mentally, physically, artistically, and spiritually. It is a community with an enduring sense of itself.

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