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Yachats, Gem of the Oregon Coast

Looking to the future and the next 50 years, members of the City Council opened a new chapter in the history of Yachats by hiring our first city administrator. The City’s new web site and awareness of the Trails Committee design work led to a discussion about the need for a new city logo. This topic was discussed by the council for a couple of months. A few modifications were suggested; implemented and adopted by the council at the July meeting. The new logo now appears on the city’s main web site.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our community, we hope you will appreciate the new design as a symbol of renewal and a celebration of all the qualities that make Yachats the Gem of the Oregon Coast.

Current News

01-13-17 HWY 101 PROJECT UPDATE 1/13/2017
Yachats Hwy 101 project.............UPDATED 01-13-17................ 01/09/17 Finish directionally drilling franchise utility crossings 01/10/17 replace storm drain at former "Paddy Kait" building site 01/10/17 install CB at former Laundromat building site 01/11-13/17 install light pole bases 01/11-12/17 prep half of the condo area; PTC at Emerald Real Estate 01/12-20/17 Concrete work 01/16-17/17 prep 2nd condo, ADA at condo/3rd Street/Brewery north entry 01/16-17/17 private power service underground Thank you for your patience during the construction period. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE DATES: ................ 02/06/17 - C&K Market - north half 02/13/17 - C&K Market - south half 02/27/17 - Mobilize and set up in Yachats 03/06/17 - East side, 7th to 5th Streets 03/15/17 - East side, 4th to 3rd Streets 03/29/17 - East side, 3rd to 2nd Streets (end) 04/05/17 - East side, asphalt patching 04/05/17 - West side, 7th to 5th Streets 04/12/17 - West side, 5th to 3rd Streets 04/24/17 - West side, 3rd to 2nd Streets (end) 05/08/17 - West side, asphalt patching 05/15/17 - Stripe/Signs/Clean-up Please keep in mind that ALL dates are tentative and may be affected by adverse weather, project delays, etc.
SURVEY - Possible night meetings 1/13/2017
Yachats City Council is changing its meeting days, and they are considering having one of their monthly meetings at 6:00pm, for the convenience of residents who work during the day and are unable to attend daytime meetings. The new meeting days will be the first and second Wednesday of each month (except when scheduling conflicts require moving them). Please email postmaster@goyachats.com and let us know if you would be likely to attend council meetings if they were at 6:00pm on a Wednesday night. Please email, rather than call, so we have an email and aren't on the phone. Another option to consider - if the evening meetings were only during summer months, would that make a difference to you? NOBODY likes to go to a meeting in the cold and dark... If it appears evening meetings are not needed, they will be held at 9:30am the first Wednesday and 2:00pm the second Wednesday.
City Policy & Regulation Documents 1/10/2017

A short cut to frequently requested city document has been added under the Government menu. Look for Policies & Regulations

Here you will find links for administrative policies, city charter, city code, comprehensive plan, council rules and other administrative documents.

You can also click here for access to the Policy & Regulations documents.

City Council Vision

Our village is a place where natural resources are valued and protected, where diversity is celebrated, and where a vibrant economy and sense of community pride create and recreate a living spirit. Yachats cares not just for its citizens’ basic needs but also supports them in their efforts to excel mentally, physically, artistically, and spiritually. It is a community with an enduring sense of itself.

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