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Looking to the future and the next 50 years, members of the City Council opened a new chapter in the history of Yachats by hiring our first city administrator. The City’s new web site and awareness of the Trails Committee design work led to a discussion about the need for a new city logo. This topic was discussed by the council for a couple of months. A few modifications were suggested; implemented and adopted by the council at the July meeting. The new logo now appears on the city’s main web site.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our community, we hope you will appreciate the new design as a symbol of renewal and a celebration of all the qualities that make Yachats the Gem of the Oregon Coast.

Current News

PLANTING ALONG HWY 101 5/19/2017
We are gathering input on the best way to add plants or rocks to the cut-out areas along the new sidewalks. These are in ODOT right-of-way, they are not City property or City maintenance responsibility. Two of the abutting property owners have requested to have grass planted in the areas in front of their businesses, which they will be mowing. Another one has asked to just have a river rock-type covering. We have measured the areas and sought advice from local gardening experts. They suggested that some residents may be willing to part with "starts" from their own gardens. Our thoughts are that we need salt-resistant, drought-resistant and wind-resistant plants. We also need volunteers to help with keeping them watered this summer, so they can get a secure root system going. For lower maintenance needs, natural grasses have been suggested. For right now, we may just plant some temporary brightly-blooming marigolds and petunias, when the project is complete. If you have ideas, please email cityhall@YachatsMail.org and let us know. Thank you
Weather permitting, paving will begin at 4am on Thursday, May 25, along Hwy 101, in particular on E. 3rd Street. RESIDENTS ON EAST 3RD STREET: PAVING MAY HAMPER OR PROHIBIT YOUR EXIT FROM HOME, FROM ABOUT 4AM THROUGH 9AM.There may be some paving done on West 7th, 6th, 4th and 3rd, but they will not pave 5th and 6th, to allow access to City Hall and the 501. They plan to remove concrete at Toppers beginning Monday, May 22 and re-do plaza area. Asphalt grinding, strips of paving, rock sub-grading and concrete flat work will continue through June 2 - weather permitting. EVERYONE IS AWARE OF THE INFLUX OF TOURISTS FOR MEMORIAL DAY - CONSTRUCTION WILL BE EITHER GREATLY REDUCED OR TOTALLY ABSENT DURING THE HOLIDAY.
Planning Commission hearing Tuesday June 20, 2017 at 3pm, Yachats Commons, 441 Hwy 101N, Yachats OR, concerning A) YMC Section 9.52.050 Hazard areas (detailed definition of "slope"; and B) YMC 9.52.170 General Exceptions to Building Height Limitations (chimneys, spires, domes on stand-alone projections such as antennas, cell towers, etc.). Written testimony may be submitted to City of Yachats, PO Box 345, Yachats OR 97498, and must be received prior to 3pm on the date of the hearing. Oral testimony will be taken in the course of the hearing, and may involve time limitations.
To answer questions about what to do with invasive species: we called Dahl's Disposal and they said you can put it in with your household trash, or bring it to their site on the hill in Waldport. They charge $24.00 for up to 420 pounds, which is usually about a pickup load. After that, they charge 5.5 cents per pound. The reason we cannot receive it into the debris dumpster on W. 6th Street is because it has to be disposed of in a special manner/site. If you put invasive species in the debris dumpster, Dahl's charges the City garbage rate, which is considerably higher than the debris rate. We have been told some people are dumping invasive species debris on the river bank - that just makes our overall situation worse. Please either use your trash can or haul it to Waldport. Thanks very much.
The City pays for a dumpster for clean debris, which is in an enclosure at the west end of W. 6th Street, to the south of the City shop and plant. Regular hours are 8am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday, EXCEPT for when it is windy and the gates might be damaged, and when the dumpster is full, and Dahl's have not yet replaced it. Please do not place invasive plants or noxious weeds in the dumpster. Dahl's cannot accept those kinds of plants into the landfill as "debris", and then the City gets billed for tons at the "garbage" rate, rather than the reduced rate for plant debris. NO knotweed, ivy, pampas grass, Scotch broom, blackberry, morning glory, spurge laurel, tansy ragwort, loosestrife, clematis or holly, please. No household garbage, plastics, wires, etc. Please do not dump your load in front of the gate when the gate is closed. Thank you.
City Policy & Regulation Documents 1/10/2017

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Here you will find links for administrative policies, City Charter, Municipal Code, Comprehensive Plan, Council rules and other administrative documents.

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City Council Vision

Our village is a place where natural resources are valued and protected, where diversity is celebrated, and where a vibrant economy and sense of community pride create and recreate a living spirit. Yachats cares not just for its citizens’ basic needs but also supports them in their efforts to excel mentally, physically, artistically, and spiritually. It is a community with an enduring sense of itself.

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