Dispensary Procedure

Municipal Code

Marijuana dispensaries are viewed as a retail use. Specifically, a marijuana dispensary is permitted per Yachats Municipal Code Title 9, Section 9.28.010.C Permitted uses (in the C-1 Retail Commercial zone). Item ‘C’ states Retail stores and shops such as food, drug, apparel, hardware, furniture and similar establishments.  Marijuana dispensaries are not permitted in any other zoning districts within the City. 


When an application for a marijuana dispensary is submitted to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), the City completes one section of the application that confirms whether or not the proposed dispensary is permitted in the zoning district where it is to be located. 

State Regulations

Marijuana dispensaries are required to adhere to all State of Oregon regulations. The City has not placed any additional regulations on dispensaries.