Steps for Business License

For a new Short Term Vacation Rental license, information and the waiting list application can be found here: Vacation Rentals | Yachats, OR (

Types of Licenses that you can request: Business licenses for restaurants, hotels, stores, etc. See list of examples:

STEP 1: Request an Account: Request New GoYachats Account

STEP 2: Account Information (fill out fields)

Name, email address, username, password

STEP 3: Organization Information (fill out fields)

Organization business name, description of business, contact info, CCB#, etc.
Also, pick Categories that may apply to your business: yard work, legal, dining, etc. Be sure to pick Business License as a category that your business will belong to.

STEP 4: Owner Information (fill out fields)
Pick DBA/Corp#/TIN, invoice delivery method

STEP 5: Service Information (fill out fields)
Identical to “Categories” from Step 3. Pick the same categories.
Confirm you are not a robot by completing the reCAPTCHA, and hit SUBMIT REQUEST 

STEP 7: Speak with staff at Yachats City Hall 

Call 541-547-3565 or stop by the Yachats City Hall office.

STEP 8: Pay license fee

Mail a check, or stop by the City Hall office. For faster service, use the drive through at City Hall- there is a drop box for check payments.

STEP 9: Obtain license

Call 541-547-3565 or stop by the Yachats City Hall office.