Drinking Water Protection Plan

Final version of the document from GSI: Drinking Water Protection Plan (PDF)

Drinking Water Protection Plan 

The City completed a Drinking Water Protection Plan through a grant from the Oregon Health Authority in 2021. Public feedback was an integral component of this process, and we want to thank everyone who attended the public meetings. We also want to thank the team of community stakeholders and technical experts who provided guidance during the plan development process.

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Reedy Creek and Salmon Creek, two tributaries of the Yachats River, provide the City’s current drinking water supply. Protecting the City’s water sources and maintaining healthy watersheds will enable the City to continue providing a clean and reliable water supply into the future

In 2021, the Oregon Health Authority awarded funding to the City of Yachats to implement activities identified in its Drinking Water Protection Plan. This funding will support education and outreach activities, water conservation ordinance research and community engagement, and development of a water quality monitoring plan for the City's drinking water sources.

Yachats DWPP Local Team Members and Technical Advisors

How to Ask Questions and Provide Comments

If you have any comments or questions about the Drinking Water Protection Plan,  please contact Suzanne de Szoeke at sdeszoeke@gsiws.com or 541-257-9006.  Suzanne is a water resources consultant at GS Water Solutions, Inc.

For additional information about source water protection:

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