Annual drinking water quality report for 2021.

Backflow Program

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Yachats’s water distribution system is a complex network of pipes and storage tanks where sediment and deposits may naturally accumulate over time.

The treatment facility is designed for the removal of color and turbidity. It provides a high quality finished water for potable domestic and commercial consumption.

Access the Yachats River Flow information.

The City of Yachats has a Drinking Water Protection Plan that identifies potential threats to the City's drinking water sources, establishes strategies for reducing or preventing those threats, and describes an implementation plan for those strategies.

The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the City’s water system with respect to its existing and future needs, identify improvements and associated costs necessary to meet those needs, and provide the City with a framework for the provision of water service through the year 2041. 

  1. Rick McClung

    Water Treatment Plant Operator
    Phone: 541-547-3565, ext. 115