804 Trail

From Yachats State Park on the north side of the Yachats River to a sandy beach 1.7 miles to the north, this trail provides expansive ocean vistas and access to tide pools and pebbled coves.

Caution: If you do go off-trail towards the ocean, be extra careful to look out for sneaker waves. There have been several drownings over the years, where unsuspecting people were washed from the rocks.

Trail Route

The Yachats State Park access from the south via Ocean View Road and from the east by West 2nd Street, has plenty of parking and is a good starting point. Smelt Sands State Park, which lies about halfway along the trail, also has parking. From Yachats State Park follow Ocean View Drive, walk north. At a right angle turn, the road/trail becomes Marine Drive, and soon thereafter the trail leaves the road, going left past the side of the house at 563 Marine Drive to Aqua Vista.

Follow the trail signs that will take you to a footpath along the waterfront. You will pass in front of several motels and the access path from Smelt Sands State Park parking area before the path goes down to a long sandy beach. If the wooden steps are in place, you are in luck. During the stormier months the steps are removed and you will have to hold on to the handrail (rope) as you go down to the beach - it can be very slippery underfoot. Portions of the trail are wheelchair accessible. Easy walking.

If you are feeling energetic, you can continue on the sand all the way to Waldport, 8.04 miles from Yachats. The beach walk should only be undertaken at low tide.

Person Walking 804 Trail by the Ocean

804 Trail Map (JPG)

804 Trail Map