Ya'Xaik Trail

The Ya’Xiak (yah' khik) Trail connects the east end of Diversity Drive to the Gerdemann Botanical Gardens in Yachats.

Directions From the Overleaf Lodge

At the southeast corner of the parking lot of the Overleaf Lodge you will see a trail sign leading to a path through the woods, towards Highway 101. Follow this path; it comes out briefly on to the main driveway to the lodge. About 50 yards further on, cut through the parking lot of the Overleaf Event Center and come out on Highway 101 directly across from Diversity Drive. Cross the highway (with great care, please) and head up Diversity Drive.

Trail Route

The trail proper begins at the east end of Diversity Drive (this is also a good starting point, with parking spots). It then traverses lush second growth forest and links up with the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve's public footpath (see below), via a wooden gate. The footpath will bring you back out to Highway 101 slightly north of Diversity Drive. If you start and end at the Overleaf, the trail is about 1.1 miles in length. Difficulty is moderate, with some steps and elevation change.


Click here for more history on the Ya'Xiak Trail.

Ya'Xaik Trail Informational Sign

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