Amanda Trail

This trail is dedicated to the memory of Amanda, a blind Coos woman who suffered injustices during the reservation years in the 1860s. The trail reopened on National Trails Day, June 4 2016 after being closed since December 2015.


The trailhead is at the south end of Yachats Ocean Road. Since there is no parking at the trailhead, it is best to park vehicles at one of the nearby wider sections of Yachats Ocean Road and walk from there.

Trail Route

The first part of this trail is a moderate hike of 1.0 mile south to the site of the Amanda statue. From the trailhead  follow the path on the west side of Highway 101 until you reach Windy Way. Here the trail crosses the highway to the east side and passes through lush coastal woodland with occasional panoramic ocean views. Cross the driveway of Ocean Creek Bed and Breakfast and reenter the forest. Where the trail comes to a steep driveway, you need to walk up the driveway for a short distance to find its continuation.

Soon after the driveway you will come to the site of the Amanda statue and a stream crossing. Before continuing, read about Amanda on the nearby interpretive signs. From this point the trail continues south for another 2.2 miles, with a strenuous climb to the summit of Cape Perpetua. There is parking also at the summit (requiring a pass), so that if there are two cars available, a small group can arrange a one-way hike.


Click here to read the history of the Amanda Trail.

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