Trails in Yachats


Download a printable map and descriptions of Yachats area trails. These two documents are intended for printing on legal size paper (8.5" x 14") and folded double parallel.  An image of the map is at the bottom of this page.

Trail Signage

Trail Sign MarkerLook out for our signs to guide you along our trails. Some of our trails also form part of the Oregon Coast Trail system. See photo above. In places, our trails run along local roads or cross over the busy Highway 101. Please take care around roads!

Directions to Trails

Amanda Trail

The trail is dedicated to the memory of Amanda, a blind Coos woman who suffered injustices during the reservation years in the 1860s. The first part of this trail is a moderate hike of approximately 1.0 miles from Yachats Ocean Road, south to the site of the Amanda statue. Walk south on Yachats Ocean Road, and at its end follow the path on the west side of Highway 101 until you reach Windy Way. Here the trail crosses the highway to the east side and passes through lush coastal woodland with occasional panoramic ocean views. After about a half a mile the trail crosses a driveway and reenters the forest.  You will pass the Dancing Bears statue and then come to a steep driveway. Walk up the driveway for a short distance to find its continuation. Soon you will come to the site of the Amanda statue and a stream crossing. Before continuing, read about Amanda on the nearby interpretive signs. From this point the trail continues south for another 2.2 miles, with a strenuous climb to the summit of Cape Perpetua. There is parking also at the summit (requiring a pass), so that if there are two cars available, a small group can arrange a one-way hike.  Read The Amanda Trail Story.

804 Trail

From Yachats State Park on the north side of the Yachats River to a sandy beach 1.7 miles to the north, this trail provides expansive ocean vistas and access to tide pools and pebbled coves. (If you do go off-trail towards the ocean, be extra careful to look out for sneaker waves. There have been several drownings over the years, where unsuspecting people were washed from the rocks.) Yachats State Park has plenty of parking and is a good starting point, as is the Smelt Sands State Park that lies about halfway along the trail. From Yachats State Park follow Ocean View Drive, walking north. At a right angle turn it becomes Marine Drive, and soon thereafter the trail leaves the road, going left past the side of the house at 563 Marine Drive to Aqua Vista. Follow the trail signs that will take you to a footpath along the waterfront. You will pass in front of several motels and the access path from Smelt Sands State Park parking area before the path goes down to a long sandy beach. If the wooden steps are in place you are in luck. During the stormier months the steps are removed and you will have to hold on to the handrail (rope) as you go down to the beach - it can be very slippery underfoot. Portions of the trail are wheelchair accessible. Easy walking. If you are feeling energetic, you can continue on the sand all the way to Waldport, 8.04 miles from Yachats. The beach walk is best done at low tide. For some background on this trail, click here: Yachats 804 Trail

Ya’Xaik (yah’ khik) Trail

At the south east corner of the parking lot of the Overleaf Lodge you will see a trail sign leading to a path through the woods, towards Highway 101. Follow this path; it comes out briefly on to the main driveway to the lodge. About fifty yards further on, cut through the parking lot of the Overleaf Event Center and come out on Highway 101 directly across from Diversity Drive. Cross the highway (with great care, please!) and head up Diversity Drive. The trail proper begins at the east end of Diversity Drive (this is also a good starting point, with parking spots). It then traverses lush second growth forest and links up with the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve’s public footpath (see below), via a wooden gate. The footpath will bring you back out to Highway 101 slightly north of Diversity Drive. If you start and end at the Overleaf, the trail is about 1.1 miles in length. Difficulty is moderate, with some steps and elevation change. The Ya’Xaik Trail story

Gerdemann Botanic Preserve Public Footpath

In north Yachats, a public footpath on private property offers a magical walk along a creek with big-leaf rhododendrons sheltered under a canopy of coastal woodland. April is a good month to enjoy the shrubs in bloom. You can access this trail either from the Ya’Xaik trail (see above) or via a wooden gate behind the Art galleries that lie north of Diversity Drive in Yachats. Narrow path with steps. (More about the GBP)

Prospect Trail

Starting at Prospect Street near the Green Salmon (map), the trail winds through the Prospect Garden. This garden contains many native plants and was reclaimed from a thicket of blackberry, ivy, morning glory, knotweed and other unsavory characters, all through the work of Trails Crew volunteers. The trail climbs steeply, crossing  3rd Street and King Street* before coming out on Radar Road. Walk down Radar Road down to its intersection with King Street. Turn right (north) on King Street which takes you to the cemetery and down to Highway 101. From here you can access the 804 trail via the grounds of the Adobe Resort. The first part of this trail is strenuous - steep, with steps.

*On reaching King Street at this point, if you were to turn right and follow King up the hill to its terminus, you would reach a short unnamed trail that takes you through to Horizon Hill Rd.

Yachats Community Park and Wetland

The Park lies behind (to the West of) the Yachats Commons building. The park has a network of trails including a boardwalk that skirts a pond and a path through the woods to the West of the wetland. These trails can now be accessed from 4th Street, 5th Street (at the Yachats Commons), 6th Street (at the library) and Ocean View Drive. The walks are short and virtually level, and are the easiest of the trails listed here. For more information about the park, click on this link.