Yachats Community Park and Wetland

The Community Park and Wetland lie behind (to the West of) the Yachats Commons building. The park has a network of trails, including a boardwalk that skirts a pond, and a path through the woods to the West of the wetland. 

These walks are short and virtually level, and are the easiest of the trails listed on the "Find a Trail" page elsewhere on this website. There is now a path to the park from Ocean View Drive at 5th Street (or where 5th Street would be if it were extended to the ocean). 


The trail network is accessible from several points: 

  • 4th Street (two locations) 
  • Ocean View Drive between 4th and 6th Streets
  • Ocean View Drive at 6th Street
  • 7th Street, alongside the library
  • 5th Street, by the EV charging station

Some history of the park can be found in Yachats Community Park and Wetlands History by Joanne Kittel

The Yachats Trails Crew has been very active in the park, maintaining and improving the trails as well as fighting back against blackberry, ivy, holly, morning glory and other invasive weeds.

Plants and Wildlife

The Park is home to a variety of plants and wildlife.