Weeds and Invasive Plants

Yachats Most Wanted - Dead!

Some years ago we produced a brochure featuring the six worst weeds in Yachats. We still have printed copies available, but here is the pdf file if you would like to print your own. It is best printed on legal size paper and then folded.  Most Wanted Weed Brochure

Some other bad weeds to be found in Yachats

The six most wanted are just the tip of the iceberg. But there are many other really bad weeds to be found around town.  For a more comprehensive list of problem weeds, click here:  more weeds

Introducing Natural Living Series: How to Video Tutorials

How to Manually Remove Ivy

Watch the Video here:  How to Manually Remove Ivy

Special Shout Out - Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom is widespread on the Oregon Coast. Oregon State University extension recommends pulling small broom plants, with stem diameters less than half an inch. With larger plants, cutting the stem close to the ground should kill them. Weed wrenches can be used to pull broom plants, and are available for loan at City Hall. There are three sizes available; the medium size is usually the best option. The best time to deal with broom is in the spring, when the soil is still moist and soft. Also, the flowers make the plants highly visible at this time, and seed has not yet set.  

Using Weed Wrench

Weed of the Month

See the Info Sheet for information on how to identify and manage the featured weed.  Some weeds are presented in our original Most Wanted posters.

Month Weed Info Sheet Poster
January Montbretia -
February Yellow flag iris -
March Spurge laurel -
April Scotch broom -
May Knotweed -
June Morning glory -
July Tansy ragwort Poster
August Ivy Poster
September Himalayan blackberry Poster
October Clematis Poster
November Pampas Grass Poster
December Holly Poster