Ocean View Drive and 804 Trail

Brief Overview

Lincoln County is transferring ownership of Marine Drive and Ocean View Drive to the City.  As a part of the process, Lincoln County will get the necessary property easements; ensure the road, culverts, and drainage meet  standards; conduct archeological testing; repave; replace the guardrails; and make improvements to the 804 Trail.  Due to the amount of erosion along the bluff,  the City decided that traffic from W 2nd Street to W 7th Street needed to be limited to a  one-way single lane.    

  1. Archeological Testing to Begin Soon

    The City Manager reported at the March 5 Council meeting that the Public Works Department was requested to conduct utility locates at the intersection of Ocean View Drive and Highway 101. Locates are performed just before work begins.
  2. City to Move Forward with Full Transportation Plan

    ODOT has determined the City does not qualify for the Quick Response Program. The City will move forward with applying for a grant to conduct a full Transportation Safety Plan (TSP)
  3. Archeologic Testing in Next Few Months

    On September 3, 2019, the City Manager, individuals from the County, Trails Committee, Parks and Commons Commission, Council met with the archeologist. It is anticipated that testing work will be completed in the next couple of months.
  4. Striping and Traffic Study

    Work continues with graveling edges of pavement. Discussions with ODOT on other concerns continue. Read on...
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Detailed History

The City of Yachats, Lincoln County and interested parties reached an agreement in 2001 to establish easements for the 804 Trail along the Adobe property  to Aqua Vista Drive,  Marine Drive, and along  the North/South length of Ocean View Drive to the State Park.  This agreement required that property be purchased or access easements created.  A settlement fund was established to cover the costs of trail improvements.  

Link to 804 Trail Settlement Agreement

Lincoln County purchased the two lots where the 804 Trail crosses from Marine Drive to Aqua Vista Loop.  

In 2017, the City Manager resumed negotiations with the County on how to complete the transfer of Marine Drive and Ocean View Drive.  These negotiations included work on recording  property easements, upgrading the culverts, getting the roadway up to current standards, repaving the road, conducting archeological testing, replacing the guardrails,  fortifying the trail base, and suggesting uses for the lots containing the easements between Ocean View and Marine.

Parties to the agreement included:

  1. Public Access Interest Groups
    • Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition
    • 1000 Friends of Oregon
    • Friends of the Historic 804 County Road and Hiking Trail
  2. State of Oregon
    • Department of Parks and Recreation
    • Economic and Community Development Department
  3. Lincoln County
  4. City of Yachats
  5. Title Companies representing property owners
    • Chicago Title Insurance Company, Oregon
    • Security Union Title Insurance Company, California
    • Stewart Title Insurance Guaranty Company, Texas
    • First American Title Insurance Company, Oregon
    • TransNation Title Insurance Company, Arizona

The 804 Mitigation Fund was established with:

  •  $25,000 from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • $25,000 from the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department Reserve Fund
  • $50,000 from the City of Yachats and Lincoln County
  • $190,000 from the title companies

The agreement stipulated that the City:

  • Acquire Lots 13 and 26
  • Acquire oceanfront properties if available
  • Obtain easements across Adobe property
  • Obtain easement from Marine Drive and Aqua Vista Drive – minimum 8 feet wide, 250 feet long as envisioned in Village Circulation Plan
  • Pedestrian connection between Adobe property and Aqua Vista Drive – minimum 8 feet wide
  • Acquired property will be held by the County
  • Maintain Lot 1
  • County budget $150,000 for Ocean View Drive and Marine Drive trail on west side down to State Park.