Gimlet Lane Gates

CIP # - Gimlet Gates

Status: Concept/Planning

Project Category: Streets

Project Estimated Cost: Unknown

 Project -Order of Tasks

  • Surveying of the 2 gate locations
  • Public outreach
  • Gate Selection
  • Project Cost
  • Public Approval
  • Funding mechanisms

Project Manager(s)

Rick McClung


Project Schedule

10/22/2020 – Project area surveyed

Project Justification

 The “locked” Gimlet Dr gates have raised the interests of homeowners that live in the

Blackstone/Horizon Hill Rd neighborhood. What they are concerned about is if there

was a wildfire or natural disaster that blocks Horizon Hill Rd to Spruce Street that there

would be no way for them to exit the neighborhood if the Gimlet Dr. gates are locked, thus blocking an auxiliary exit.

As noted in previous Council reports, the section of Gimlet Dr between the gates is not recognized as a City right-of-way street. The steepness of this section of road ranges

22% to 26% grade and our City code says 20% grade is the maximum allowed. Even

with the gates open, there are significant safety issues. Parts of the road receive little

sun and become slippery with vegetation growing on the road, creating additional

vehicle hazards and safety issues.

Currently, the gates are open as per implementation of resolution 2020-121 adopted by Council on June 24, 2020

The City met with the Fire Dept. to gain knowledge of the history and issues

surrounding Gimlet Dr. from their perspective.

  • Street is too steep to drive fire trucks on.
  • Current gate locations are causing a lot of issues.

The Fire Dept. has received many calls for help from drivers being stuck at the gates because they cannot turnaround or backup.

  • Fire Dept. suggested moving the gates to a much more driver friendly location so they can turnaround safely.
  • Fire Dept. recommended using the same lock system as Hancock Forest Management
  • uses on their gates and they can be re-programed. This would allow the code holders to
  • be able to open the gate if it is locked

Mitigation Proposal

Lower Gate

  • The proposed gate located on the bottom of Gimlet has been moved so it can be
  • seen as soon as a vehicle enters on to Gimlet.
  • This removes the mystery of how far the road goes before it is closed, deterring
  • drivers from going up the road in the first place
  • Provides a better area for vehicles to turn around

Upper Gate

  • The Proposed gate location is in the same spot as originally proposed
  • Provides adequate vehicle turnaround

Type of Gate

  • This is still under consideration
  • Considering a Card-Lock electric swing arm gate of some sort