So, You Want to Run for Local Office… 

A Guide for Prospective City Elected Officials FAQ on Legislative, Administrative and Quasi-Judicial Decisions 

November 3, 2020 City Elections

Candidate Information  

Candidates should read the complete Candidate Information and Instructions packet (above link and detailed below).  Please begin the process early enough so that all steps can be completed by August 14, 2020.

  1. File Form SEL 101 with the City prior to getting any signatures - The City will provide the candidate with a letter indicating signatures can be collected.
  2. Use Form SEL 121 to gather signatures
  3. Turn in signatures to City Hall for verification by Lincoln  County - The City will provide the candidate with a letter indicating signatures have been verified.
  4. File Form SEL 338 and verified signatures with the City by August 14, 2020. 

NOVEMBER 3, 2020

Council Positions Open

  • Mayor - Two-year term ending December 31, 2022
  • Two Councilors - Four-year terms ending December 31, 2024

Qualifications for Elective Office

Candidates must:

  1. Be registered voter at the time of election.
  2. Reside in the City during the 12 months immediately preceding the election.

Filing Procedures

The State of Oregon publishes the Candidate Manual that serves as a guide and provides the necessary forms referenced below. One copy is attached. Additional copies may be found at the Secretary of State’s web site at

File forms with the City Elections Officer - the Deputy Recorder

The entire filing process must be completed by the State filing deadline on August 25, 2020. However, to ensure that all signatures are verified, and the petitions and other documents have been completed by that date, the City Elections Officer has established a filing deadline for the petitions of 4:30 pm on  August 14, 2020 at City Hall. The following forms are required:

Step 1: File Prospective Petition

Complete the Form SEL 101 and submit to the City Elections Officer for approval PRIOR TO GATHERING ANY SIGNATURES and well in advance of the August 25, 2020 filing deadline. No filing fees are required to run for City of Yachats offices.

COMPLETE:  Form SEL 101 – Candidate Filing – Major Political Party or Nonpartisan

  • Under Office Informationsection:
    • Enter either "Mayor" or "Councilor" to indicate the position
    • Enter "Yachats" for District, Position, or County
    • Mark "Nonpartisan" for Party Affiliation
  • Under Filing Methodsection:
    • Mark “Prospective Petition” box 
    • Mark whether circulators will be paid

The City Elections Officer will review the prospective petition and provide written approval authorizing the candidate to begin the collection of signatures. Signatures gathered prior to written approval will be rejected.

During this COVID19 epidemic we are accepting non-original signatures. You have the option to collect signatures by mail and email. You can send registered voters the signature form by either mail or email, have them complete all information fields and sign, and return the signed form to you by mail or email.

Step 2: Collect Signatures

COMPLETE:  Form SEL 121 – Candidate Signature Sheet - Nonpartisan

  • The candidate should complete the Candidate Information section at the top of the signature page. 

Circulate the approved petition (SEL 121) for signatures. You must have no fewer than 20 signatures. It is recommended you gather more than the minimum necessary to assure you have the required amount of valid signatures. No voter may sign more than one petition for each vacant office. All signers must reside within thecandidate’s electoral district. Signatures can be original, a photocopy, a facsimile, or electronic and returned to candidate by mail or email.

The Circulator Certification section at the bottom of the signature form (SEL 121) does not have to be completed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Step 3: Submit Signatures for County Elections Officer’s Signature Verification

Signature sheets (SEL 121) with the sufficient number of required signatures are to be submitted to the Deputy Recorder who will send them to the County Elections Office for signature verification. The County will provide proof that the signatures have been verified and return them to the Deputy Recorder.

Please allow at least 5-7 business days for signature verifications. The number of signatures should be verified well in advance of the filing deadline. If some of the people who signed the petition are not registered voters in the City, you may need additional time to obtain more signatures before the deadline. The Deputy Record / Elections Officer will notify you if you need to get more signatures to qualify.

Step 4: Submit Petition

COMPLETE: Form SEL 338 -  Petition Submission

Once the number of signatures has been verified, the candidate must file the petitions along with the Petition Submission (SEL 338) to the Deputy Recorder / Elections Officer along with the submittal of signatures (SEL 121). The number of signatures entered on SEL 338 should be the number of certified signatures as verified by the County. 

Deadline for submitting petitions – 4:30 pm on August 14, 2020.

Step 5: Complete Filing - Notarized Acceptance of Nomination

When you have submitted the required number of signatures and the Form SEL 338, you will be asked to accept your nomination by signing and have notarized an Affidavit of Residency and an Acceptance of Nomination. A notary is available at City Hall. There is no charge for this service. At this time, you have completed your requirements for filing for the election. The Deputy Recorder / Elections Officer will certify your name to the County for listing on the ballot.

Voter’s Pamphlet Information

If you wish to submit information to be printed in the County voter’s pamphlet, you will need to file the information with Lincoln County Elections. Lincoln County charges a fee for submission. A photograph may be included with your information. Detailed information and necessary forms may be found at http://www.co.lincoln.or.us/clerk/page/voters-pamphlet-forms-and-instructions

Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

Prospective candidates file with the Elections Division for the Oregon Secretary of State a Candidate’s Statement of Organization (SEL 220) and Campaign Account Information (SEL 223). These forms are not required if the candidate is acting as his or her own treasurer and expects to spend less than $750 during a calendar year. This filing must take place within three business days of receiving the first contribution or making an initial expenditure. These filings can be done electronically, and additional instructions can be accessed at: http://oregonvotes.org/. At this website you can login and register, by clicking on the OreStar icon, leading you to instructions that will guide you through the registration procedures. For additional information, contact the Elections Division at 1-503-986-1518.

Campaign Finance forms are filed directly with the Secretary of State’s Election Division. All candidates are required to have a dedicated campaign bank account if they receive contributions or make expenditures over $750 for a calendar year.

Posting of Campaign Signs

The City of Yachats has a sign code that allows the temporary placement of political signs identifying candidates for public office, or relating to political parties, ballot issues, or elections. These signs shall meet the following requirements:

  • A maximum sign size of four-square feet;
  • A maximum display duration of forty-five (45) days prior to the election date. Signs shall be removed within ten days after the election date;
  • May be located on private property provided the property owner has given written consent to the placement of the sign.
  • Signs shall not obstruct walkways; the view of any official traffic control device or sign; or, rights-of-way. The sign may not imitate any official traffic control devices or signs. Signs may not be posted on telephone poles or any public structures or facilities.
  • The signs may not blink, rotate, swing, revolve, or otherwise attract attention through movement or flashing of parts, including devices such as strings of lights, or strings of pennants.
  • Portable, A-frame, and wheeled signs are not allowed.
  • Signs may not be painted with phosphorescent, luminescent, or sparkling paints.

Change in information prior to election

If during your campaign, there is a change in the information provided on any of the forms you were required to file, new or additional forms may be required. Please contact the City Manager / Elections Officer for further information.

Withdrawing as a candidate

If you desire to withdraw your name as a candidate before the election, you must complete and file a Withdrawal of Candidacy or Nomination Form (SEL 150). This form must be filed before September 3, 2020 to remove your name from the ballot. Financial reports will still be required if money received and spent is over the limits.

Statement of Economic Interest

All persons holding office in the City of Yachats are required to file Statements of Economic Interest with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. The annual reports must be filed by April 15 every year of the incumbency of the elected official. Information will be requested concerning sources of income, property, business interests and gifts related to the office. Civic penalties may be imposed for failure to file, or for insufficient information. For additional information can be found on the Oregon Government Ethics Commission website – www.oregon.gov/OGEC or by contacting the Commission at (503) 378-5105

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