Emergency Preparedness - Resources

  1. Tsunami Evacuation Map Yachats

  2. Lincoln County Management Operations Review (PDF)

  3. International Tsunami Center

  4. National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters

  5. Living on Shaky Ground: How to survive earthquakes and tsunamis in Oregon

  6. Ted Talk by OSU’s Dr. Chris Goldfinger on the science behind earthquakes and tsunamis

  7. Unprepared: An Oregon Field Guide Special - OPB - a longer, more comprehensive video about earthquakes and tsunamis

  8. Map from the Office of Emergency Management showing areas that will be “islanded” or cut off due to a 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami

  9. ARCGIS RAPTOR Shows all current hazards in real-time from recent earthquakes to active wildfires

  10. This website for the hospitality industry includes online training, signs to post in hotel rooms, tents for restaurant tables, etc.

  11. Oregon Coastal Hazards Ready (OCHR) Library & Mapper - ArcGIS StoryMap that displays coastal hazards preparedness case studies. This tool is designed to assist individuals, communities, and tribal and local governments as they identify approaches to prepare for acute and chronic coastal hazards

  12. Subscribe to the OCHR Mapper listserv by clicking on the button below to receive the PNW Coastal Hazards Newsletter the first Monday of each month, and to request or share information and resources with others

  13. State Preparedness and Incident Response Equipment (SPIRE) Grant Program

  14. Other emergency preparedness grant opportunities

  15. travel routes to assembly areas - DOGAMI Oregon coast tsunami evacuation map: Yachats North, Lincoln County (oregongeology.org)

  16. travel routes to assembly areas - DOGAMI Oregon coast tsunami evacuation map: Yachats South, Lincoln County (oregongeology.org)